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E Hayes Motorworks Collection Photo Galleries


Throughout our store you'll find literally hundreds of individual items on display. Some are vintage, some are classic - but all are simply fascinating and each have their own unique story to tell.

Click on the Collection buttons below and you'll go to individual photo galleries showing detailed pieces. We are gradually building a reference library of individual items as they are added to our collection. So make sure you visit our galleries regularly - you never know what you'll discover next!


Click Here for Motorcycle Collection Gallery Click Here for Vehicle Collection Gallery Click Here for Bicycles and Wheeled Transport Collection Gallery


Click Here for Business and Office Machines Gallery Click Here for Industrial Treadle-powered Lathes Gallery Click Here for Engineering Machinery Gallery


Click Here for Automotive Products Gallery Click Here for On the Land Gallery  Click Here for Appliances Gallery 
Click Here for Tools Gallery Click Here for Oddities Gallery Click Here for Models Gallery


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