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Check out our new arrival in store

January 18, 2016

The latest Hossstyle V8 Dirt Drag bike has just roared into our store - and it's a real earthshaker!

Take a close look at the latest Hossstyle V8 Dirt Drag bike now on display in our store, and you'll soon get an idea on how to shift a tonne of topsoil in about 2 seconds flat!!

Built locally by Brian Cartwright of Cartwright Engineering, this fearsome beast packs a 327 cu in. small block Chevrolet power plant and is available to buy for a mere $28,500.

Dirt Drag Racing is set to become a regular event in Southland on a purpose built track at the home of Hoss Style Cycles in Lochiel.  

Watch www.facebook.com/hossstyleV8cycles  for further details.


Hossstyle V8 Dirt Drag bikeHossstyle V8 Dirt Drag bikeHossstyle V8 Dirt Drag bike

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