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New Motorworks Exhibit arrives instore

January 21, 2015

The E Hayes Motorworks Collection has always celebrated innovation, inventiveness and craftsmanship, so what better place to acknowledge the origins of 'horse-power' in our region than with this fine display of the blacksmiths craft. The 54 horse shoes displayed are from an original collection of 63, made up by Mr G.Ramage in a period up to 1906 in his Smithy at Centre Bush, near Winton in Southland. The original collection was made for the New Zealand Exhibition, held in Christchurch in 1906-1907.

As far back as 1906, Mr Ramage had experimented with and successfully produced horseshoes from aluminium rods - three of which were included in the original display.

The horseshoes  were passed down the generations of his family to be displayed at the Ascot Park Hotel in Invercargill before arriving most recently for display at E Hayes and Sons in the Motorworks Collection.  

As trends in transport and the use of metals in current horseshoeing have changed over the years, we are proud to receive this exceptional example of the art of a skilled blacksmith to display for future generations.



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