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Innovative Solar Energy installation demonstrates real-time advantages

May 1, 2014

While there has been much written about the advantages and benefits of solar power, it's always been difficult to actually see for yourself just how solar energy works and relate how efficient it can be as a viable and economical energy source - until now.

Network Electrical SolutionsThanks to an initiative by a leading Invercargill electrical company, customers can now chart real time power generation being supplied through solar panels installed on the roof of E Hayes and Sons, Dee Street store.

Invercargill based Network Electrical Solutions (NES) have built up an impressive reputation dealing with a wide range of electrical  solutions for customers from private householders to large city councils.
In an effort to show customers the direct advantages of solar energy the company installed an EnaSolar Inverter connected to 10 x 300watt Pierlite solar panels on the roof of E Hayes and Sons store.

The system was installed on 16 April this year  and as well as feeding stored energy into the company power supply it also relays data to a web-based monitoring system. The statistics gained are translated into an animated display and presented on a website as well as a large flat-screen monitor located above E Hayes central Hardware Department counter, where interested customers can view real time data about the power being generated.
NES believes that by allowing customers to see for themselves how much power is being created over a period of time and which periods of the day are most productive they will gain a better appreciation of how a similar system could benefit their own situation.

Call in to EHayes today and see the benefits and advantages of Solar Energy for yourself.  

Or view the statistics online at

E Hayes helpful staff can give you further information about Solar Panel installation or you can contact NES directly.

NES can provide the full installation service, Electrical Inspection and take the hassle out of the application process to your energy trader and the local supply Authority Network.

Call NES on 0800 188 897 or visit their website at

Note:- you are welcome to use the system information to prove to any skeptical northerners just how much sunshine we enjoy down here in the sunny South!


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