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Legends live here.


Every year, thousands of visitors journey to E Hayes and Sons' iconic Invercargill hardware store for one reason - to see a remarkable vintage motorcycle with their own eyes and stand in the presence of a legend.


It’s a legend that tells a story of passion and determination to develop a motorcycle to reach its full potential.


It’s the story of Burt Munro and ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’.

Burt Munro´s Munro Special

E Hayes Motorworks collection of classic and vintage motor vehicles, Burt Munro´s Authentic, Original and Legendary 1920 Indian Scout, Motorcycles, cars, engines and memorabiliaThe ONLY place in town you can see Burt Munro´s Authentic, Original and Legendary 1920 Indian Scout FOR FREE.




Today Burt Munro's Authentic, Original and Legendary 1920 Indian Scout, 'The Munro Special'  sits proudly on display in our store where Burt himself left it, as the centerpiece of a unique private collection of over one hundred classic, vintage and modern motorcycles, automobiles, engines, equipment and memorabilia that make up the E Hayes Motorworks Collection™.


From working examples of early pioneering vintage machinery, farm equipment and engines to our own original shop delivery van and a range of classic automobiles and motorcycles. From turn of the century models to racing bikes of the modern era, you'll find it all here in a collection unlike any other.


What's even more remarkable is where you'll find these incredible exhibits. While similar types of displays are housed in museums, the E Hayes Motorworks Collection™ is COMPLETELY FREE TO SEE  throughout one of New Zealand's most extensive, independent family - owned hardware stores.


It's a collection you will always remember in a store you'll never forget.





All displays are completely FREE to view during normal shop open hours



Here you can browse at your leisure through our many shop departments and enjoy classic motorcycles, cars and machinery sitting beside our shop products such as powertools, lawnmowers, clothing, kitchen appliances, giftware and much, much more.

You can also take a break from viewing the E Hayes Motorworks Collection™ and relax in our Columbus Coffee Cafe.  It's an experience that gives a whole new meaning to ‘retail therapy’!

Please note : As the Motorworks Collection™ is on display in an operational retail store, it may be necessary to move some of our displays around from time-to-time from the locations shown in photographs.  Also some individual displays are on loan and may not always be available to view, as shown.



See Burt Munro´s Authentic, Original and Legendary 1920 Indian Scout, on display in our store - absolutely FREE to see during normal shop hours


The largest range of EXCLUSIVE Burt Munro and World´s Fastest Indian Merchandise in Invercargill.

The E Hayes Motorworks Collection  Trip Advisor 2020 Travelers´ Choice
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